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After John Lewis - the Scope of the New Rights Movement in America

The late great Civil Rights Movement leader and United States (US) Congressman John Lewis, Democrat, Georgia, who died last weekend, age 80, will forever be etched into the annals of civilization as an American hero - as a drum major for peace, a humble servant of the people, and as an advocate for equality and justice.

John Lewis advocated for civil and voting rights. He walked, he marched, he demonstrated, he sat-in, and he bled so that people of color today, could have basic human rights. His road was long, arduous and filled with impediments, yet he persevered the best he could, while embracing a non-violent movement for basic human rights.

Now that John Lewis and other champions of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s have either died or have grown old, and that their ideals have not been fully realized in today's America; what will be the scope of the New Movement for racial equality and social justice that has been spawned by the unarmed slaying of George Floyd by police?

The baton-receiving New Movement is charged with completing the work started by John Lewis and others. The New Movement, mindful of the passive Civil Rights stance taken by John Lewis and others of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. era, and of the long time it took to yield bare minimum of results, must never be compromising in any for or fashion in demands for full racial equality and social justice.

That John Lewis and the others who bled like him back in the day may not have bled nor died in vain, the New Movement must be engaging, boisterous and victorious toward full realization of Universal Human Rights for all. Moreover, the New Movement for racial equality and social justice should be prepared to be confronted by an emerging "police state" cunningly being circulated among the States by Donald Trump to quell aspirations, demands and exercises of the people. 

Importantly, the New Movement must find the means necessary to successfully encompass and include all Inner City youth into the fight for justice for all. And more importantly, the fight for racial equality and social justice must never yield until full equal rights are guaranteed to all without regard for race or socio-economic status.

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