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After Brexit - a British Option

In lieu of adopting any reactionary isolationist measures from the European continent post Brexit, Britain has an option of seeking an increase into its influence, involvement and commitment in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO). The United Kingdom(UK) could transform into a bigger security provider benefiting the European Union(EU) instead of being a par trading member of the economic bloc.

Moreover, the UK should be able to soften its Brexit hard landing by pledging and committing more resources to the security of Europe via NATO, as a means of signaling to the EU that though, it felt constrained by the pact's immigration and sovereignty policies, the UK  would still remain an integral part of the continent. The UK was one of the founding 12-members of NATO.

Through a sound pledge to the greater defense of Europe, the UK could retain some of its privileges enjoyed as a member of the EU. If EU member states could rationalize the importance and the value of a sister-state willingly stepping forward to take on more weight of the security of the continent, then Britain and EU could still have a very healthy marriage post Brexit. 

Britain's additional commitment to Europe's security could also cushion any possible pullbacks toward NATO from the new administration in Washington, D.C.

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