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After Asylum, a Persistent Threat to Immigrants from Europe's Far-Right

As barriers, barb-wire fences, vocal opposition and protests are raised in Europe against immigration, displaced people seeking refuge, could face elongated periods of  incidents of violence from Europe's far-right groups.

If the recent violence perpetrated against an asylum center near Dresden, Germany, is indicative of things to come, then many new immigrants to Europe - having fled violence in their homelands, could still encounter more violence as they attempt to settle in comfort in their new homes of freedom.

Last weekend, dozens of German police officers were injured in a bottle and fireworks onslaught from a far-right mob in Heidenau, a small town in eastern Germany close to the Czech Republic. Neo-Nazis were protesting the opening of an asylum center and attacked police in the process. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and most Germans have denounced the attack and similar incidents. In the first half of 2015, Germany has endured 202 attacks upon immigrants including eight cases of arson upon housing for asylum seekers.

With Germany set to receive some 800,000 new immigrants this year, increase violence against them could be expected especially in light of the jeers and boos Chancellor Merkel received from right-wingers during a visit to Heidenau earlier today. 

Yet, Merkel insists:"We need to use all our strength to make clear that we won't tolerate those who call the dignity of others into question. There will be no tolerance toward those who aren't prepared to help where help is needed," the Associated Press(AP) reported. Chancellor Merkel described as "shameful and repulsive" the anti asylum riots at Heidenau. 

Despite reassurances from Merkel's government to protect the safety of all immigrants; asylum seekers will face harsh opposition and unfortunate acts of violence from far right groups from Germany, to Hungary, to Serbia, to Greece and to Macedonia, as they attempt to find solace in Europe.

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