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After 100 Days, No Redemption - Defiance and Divisiveness Affirmed by Trump

Just when it appeared that maybe Donald Trump was turning the corner on the way to attaining some appearance of normalcy to the United States(US) presidency, he mounted a stage yesterday in the state of Pennsylvania, to mark his 100 days-in-office, where he displayed no redemption as to his performance, but instead affirmed his egotistic defiance to the free press in a speech, which one political commentator, who has been an adviser to four US presidents, has labeled as the most divisive presidential speech he has ever heard.

As reported by CNN, Trump spent a large portion of his speech to his fans in Pennsylvania decrying the alleged shortcomings of the mainstream media. His divisive rantings and defiant stance prompted veteran political analyst, David Gergen, of CNN to call the remarks "deeply disturbing". "This was the most divisive speech I have ever heard from a sitting American president," Gergen, who advised Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, concluded.

And so the first 100 days of Trump has concluded with divisiveness and the next 100 days have been ushered in with more divisiveness. Of greater concern is the constitutional requirement that allows for another three years, barring any impeachment, of Trump style divisiveness to the high office of President of the United States of America.

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