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Affirming Russia a Threat, the Nordic States Strengthen Defense Ties

Recognizing a true threat to their security from Vladimir Putin's Russia, Nordic States, while warning that Northern Europe must prepare for possible crises or incidents because of Russia, have agreed to a pact of closer defense ties and increased solidarity with the Baltic States, as a deterrent to Russian agitations.

Citing Russia as the biggest challenge to European security; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have entered into an agreement for closer cooperation between them and solidarity with the Baltic states to improve their security.

As confirmed by a Reuters report, the defense ministers of the Nordic states have said in a joint declaration set to be published in Nordic newspapers in the next couple days that: "Russia's actions are the biggest challenge to the European security...Russia's propaganda and political maneuvering are contributing to sowing discord between nations, and inside organizations like NATO and the EU."

The Nordic Pact added:"Russia's leaders have shown that they are prepared to make practical and effective use of military means in order to reach their political goals, even when this involves violating principles of international law," Reuters reported.

Moreover, the Nordic defense ministers observed in their declaration that:"There is increasing military and intelligence activity in the Baltics and in our northern areas." 

Russian agitations have alarmed countries from Great Britain, to Estonia, to Latvia, to Poland, to Lithuania, to Moldova and beyond. Many nations have increased training of their civilians in defense of possible greater aggression from Russia. Yet, fears linger in Europe as to the next steps by Russia's Vladimir Putin.

While NATO members are covered under the security of the alliance, non-members face a heightened risk of a greater probability of direct military action from Russia. I opine that Putin would not dare a direct attack upon a NATO member. However, through apparent sympathizers like the ceremonial president of the Czech Republic and the leader of Hungary, he could attempt to create dissent within the European Union(EU).

But acknowledgment by the Nordic states and by other European nations of the dangers Putin pose to Europe, is a fitting first step to coordinating and to bolstering the defense of the entire continent.

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