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Affirmation as to the Future of Ukraine

The "future of Ukraine belongs with the European Union". EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy reaffirmed this to the international community at the EU security summit in Munich, Germany yesterday. He said the EU's offer of closer ties to Ukraine "is still there and we know time is on our side. The future of Ukraine belongs with the European Union." His comments were also reaffirmed by the NATO's chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen who declared that "Ukraine must have the freedom to choose its own path without extra pressure. Democratic principles and rule of law must be respected. Minorities must be protected and not persecuted" and he also condemned the "excessive use of force by security forces" within Ukraine against protesters. Given these statements and the evolution of events in Ukraine, an apparent political impasse still remains in the nation of 46 million. President Yanukovych has gone on sick leave, the government has resigned - yet it continues to sit; and protesters continue to occupy buildings and streets of the Ukraine. One variable sits in the balance over Ukraine thus effecting the final resolution of the people to be closer to the EU: that variable is its former soviet master Russia, with which president Yanukovych has tried to aligned Ukraine. The president recently glued his nation closer to Russia with a major gas deal and cash incursion. Yet, full hope for Ukraine aspirations could be realized for US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared: "Our message to Ukraine's opposition will be the full support of President Obama and of the American people for their efforts."

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