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Additional Thoughts on Immigration

While all should respect the constitutional right anti-immigration folks have to demonstrate against the processing of minor children from Latin America into the United States(US); on the other hand,  anti-immigration folks should be reminded of the humanitarian responsibly this beacon of democracy has to its neighbors and to the World. Moreover, those folks should also be reminded that Native Americans did not amass on the beaches to protest the arrival of their kin, rather Native Americans taught survival fishing skills and subsistence farming to the pilgrims in order that they would survive in the new lands.

So anti-immigration folks need to be fair and allow the US to carry out the processes necessary to determine the legitimacy to stay in the US of each and everyone of the undocumented entries. Moreover, as I have stated before, it is best the US process these entries now, rather than in 10 years after these entries would have been radicalized and harden by conditions within their homelands. My other thoughts on this immigration issue are covered in my Blog: A Resolve on this Independence Day Eve, Thursday, July 3, 2014.

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