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Action from a Rogue Regime, Talk from an Ally - North Korea Readies an ICBM

South Korea disclosed this morning that it was talking to the United States(US) about deploying carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula amid signs that the rogue regime in North Korea, was preparing to launch more missiles on the heel of its sixth and largest nuclear test over the weekend.

While the United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC) is scheduled to meet later today to discuss new sanctions against North Korea, signs of activity on the Korea peninsula point to the oppressive regime's readying of more missile tests including the launching of an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile(ICBM).

As South Korea's armed forces in defense of the threat posed by North Korea carried out long-range air-to-surface and ballistic missiles exercises earlier today, according to Reuters, nothing has hindered North Korea's persistent actions to mount and deliver a nuclear war head to its neighbor, to Japan, to Guam or to the US mainland.

Sadly, the time has come for the forces of democracy, liberty, peace and the rule of law to act against the continuing danger created by North Korea. Therefore, in lieu of more idle talk concerning North Korea, reality demands decisive action against the rogue regime in order to neutralize the explicit danger to millions of people.

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