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Accountability Trumps Reconciliation Regarding the American Insurrection of 2021, by Peter Boyce

The events of January 6, 2021, are now firmly etched into the history of the United States (US) as a day of infamy for democracy and for the Republic. The violent insurrection by Donald Trump supporting thugs and domestic terrorists upon the US Capitol - the Congress - the Federal Legislature, has driven a shaming inciteful spike into the once secured and admired peace of American government and society.

Therefore, before the US could continue upon a course to nationally righting itself and to serve again globally as an influencer of freedom and democracy, there must be an accountability for the attack upon the US Congress.

Talks of reconciliation from sympathizers of Donald Trump should be rejected and be superseded by actions of punishment and accountability for the stark violence conducted against the tranquil system of democracy. Reconciliation was needed two/three-years-ago as Donald Trump's rhetoric, division and authoritarian ploys became more apparent. Today, the damages have scarred and killed victims, thus the necessity for full immediate accountability. Only after full accountability could there be national reconciliation. 

The Republic and democracy in the United States have been grievously wounded by Donald Trump and his co-horts. The injury must be treated before attempts at rehabilitation. So Donald Trump and all those complicit in the insurrection at the US Capitol, January 6, 2021, must be held accountable for crimes against the Republic, forthwith.

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