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Accorded Respect to a Dignified Exit, Robert Mugabe Elects Defiance

He who wields almost absolute power never readily yields that strength. Therefore, for the good of any nation or any people, such power, must then be wrestled away by the people in order to sustain the welfare and the future of the community.

Robert Mugabe, 93, the deposed Zimbabwe President, has ruled the economically-challenged African nation for more than 37 years. During his tenure, there have been some brief spells of prosperity, but severe economic and harsh social conditions, have now engulfed the state of current affairs in Zimbabwe.

The Nonagenarian in recent months has made attempts to rid Zimbabwe's executive leadership of loyal revolutionaries, who fought with him to secure the nation's independence from Great Britain in 1980, in preference for his South African-born wife, Grace, a woman almost half his age.

After firing his vice-president, Emmerson 'the Crocodile' Mnangagwa, over a week ago over allegations of treachery, Mugabe and his wife appeared to brand also as treacherous the army chief, General Constantino Chiwenga, after he publicly warned that the armed forces would not sit idly and allow Mugabe and his wife to expel loyal revolutionaries. 

Last Wednesday, the armed forces seized power in Zimbabwe placing Mugabe and his wife under house arrest. The Zimbabwe Defense Force(ZDF) accorded the aged-revolutionary the respect to conduct a graduation ceremony last Friday. As negotiations proceeded to accommodate the exit of Mugabe, he became defiant. His ruling Zanu-PF party essentially removed him from office by vote on Saturday and named sacked vice-president Mnangagwa, as head. 

Mugabe was given the respect to peacefully resign his office by earlier this morning. He did not. As he had abused another accorded respect to address the nation on Sunday and failed to announce his resignation, he instead dreamed of leading his party's conference in December of this year. 

His party's ultimatum to resign or face impeachment has been met by stubborn defiance from Mugabe. 

Therefore, until the ZDF severs Mugabe's respect and the dignity accorded him, Zimbabweans demanding change in the streets of Harare, might have to contend with the elderly statesman for sometime longer. Parliament is expected to convene on Tuesday and a two-thirds majority is constitutionally required in both chambers to affirm the non-coup d'etat ousting of Mugabe.

Power is intoxicating and addictive. At 93, Mugabe still craves more of the limelight. But accused by his own party of causing Zimbabwe an "unprecedented economic tailspin", Robert Mugabe's era must be just hours away from its closure.

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