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A Youth Movement has Started to Redirect America's Current Political Trajectory

The March for Our Lives protest rally yesterday for stricter gun control laws that witnessed 800,000 youth and their relatives descend upon Pennsylvania Avenue NW, in Washington, DC,  and tens of thousands of other youth in another 800 locations across the United States (US) and around the globe, including Parkland and Miami; Florida, New York City, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; London, United Kingdom (UK) and Paris, France among other places, has affirmed the establishment of a youth movement in the US that could alter the current  trajectory of the American Republic.

Youth remains the vanguard of all beneficial social and political change in society - a fact overlooked by too many aging and dying lawmakers, who often dismiss the cries and demands of youth, as insignificant.

However, yesterday's showing by the sheer numbers of force of America's youth, joined by their international peers, confirms that our young people are a formidable demographic not to be ever neglected or dismissed as significant.

Yesterday's rallies confronted gun violence, but the passion and alliances of the youth could easily transcend to other issues of concern including the environment, which today's youth will inherit in a sick and feeble state from the seas to the air and the land.

While some social scientists might point out that it would take ten-years to identify whether or not the youth have really established a movement, I venture to differ. I hereby proclaim that that which I have borne witness, clearly affirms the presence of a new youth movement in America. If the movement is sustained, then one of its near impacts will be revealed at the polls this Fall in mid-term elections for the US Congress. 

These children, their parents, their relatives, their friends and their neighbors stand to mandate the adoption of a more favorable political platform and agenda demanded by yesterday's rallies, thus changing the current money-first over lives trajectory of the US political scape.  

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