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A Youth Call for Action on the Climate

"This is a task for all humanity. We young people can contribute to a bigger fight, and that can make a big difference. But that only works if our action is understood as a call". 

The sentiments of Swedish school girl and internationally known environmentalist, Greta Thunberg, and 22-year-old German Climate Change activist, Luisa Neubauer, in an open letter in the German publication, Suddeutsche Zeitung, calling for older generations to join the world's youth on September 20, 2019, to strike for the climate.

Greta Thunberg is the then 15-year-old girl who went on strike from school outside of the the Swedish parliament last year, to draw attention for action on Climate Change. She challenged her lawmakers to do more to protect the environment. Since then and continuing on successive Fridays, Greta's activism to protect the environment has spread to Fridays for Future and School Strike for Climate that has encouraged millions of youth across the globe to strike from school to raise action on Climate Change.

Starting earlier today in Australia and New Zealand and spreading across Europe and the Americas, thousands of students will strike school in actions for Climate Change, thus continuing a major effort on March 15, 2019, which witnessed 1.6 million students in 125 countries, walk out of school to demand action on Climate Change.

As reported by the BBC-News, Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer in their open letter in the German publication, called for multiple generations to join the world's youth for an international week of action on the climate. They declared: "This is our invitation. On Friday 20 September, we will start an action week for the climate with a worldwide strike. We ask you to join us...Join in the day with your neighbors, colleagues, friends and families to hear our voices and make this a turning point in history."

With youth as the vanguard of all beneficial societal change, the call for action on the Climate by the European girls is fitting, especially amid a recent troubling publication in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which warns of possible catastrophic results involving sea-level-rise of some six-and-a-half feet by 2100 if temperatures should rise 5-degrees Celsius along with the contributing factors of ice sheet melt.

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