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A World Wish List

...that it should come to past that peace comes to Syria, thereby restoring the childhoods of millions of children and providing the much needed and desired stability and security that families and communities need to preserve a dying culture.

...that radicals and extremists forego all and any actions of violence against the French state and its people and that they would integrate into the decision making process so that forthcoming reforms could be enacted with consideration of their input in order to forge a more open, tolerant and integrated Republic.

...that Donald Trump would recognize the importance of protecting and maintaining the sovereignty of the United States(US) Republic and that he would act accordingly to preserve the respect of the high office of President and that my fellow Americans find a speedy and peaceful resolution per Russia's meddling within the Republic and that justice be served with regards to police killings of too many Black men.

...that the United Kingdom(UK) finds an agreed solution with the European Union(EU) per their differences relating to Brexit.

...that the arms race developing in the Gulf region (Persian and Arabian) does not lead to more conflicts and violence.

...that the Palestinian people will gain their respected independence in an era of peace with Israel.

...that Venezuelans would gain control of their state of affairs and that Cuba would gain full friendship relations in the entire region.

...that the youth of Hong Kong will realize their aspirations to democracy and that the Rohingya people of Myanmar would gain full citizenship and rights.

...that peace will be retained in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, that enough food reaches those hungry and that there will be global affirmation toward protection of Planet Earth from all the effects of environmental destruction.

These are but a few of the things out of many I wish for humanity. To attain them, natural and man-made challenges will continue to pose threats that will threaten to wreck havoc upon the comfort and security of humankind. Yet, I hope, you hope and the world hopes for a brighter and safer future. Happy Summer!

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