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A World at War - the Battles to Define Tomorrow

Our world is at war. This war is not specific to prior wars of 1914 or 1939, but it is characteristic of battles of ideologies between extremism and reason; of class between commoners and the 'old guard'; of humanity between the stalwarts of freedom and those seeking to usurp peace; and of global cooperation between the rights of peoples and the ambitions of men to become authoritarians.

These present battles do not spell doom for humanity; for within humanity, the resolve of democratic people to be free and to prosper is greater than any conceivable threat, hence, many of humankind's best days are still ahead.

However, individuals, families, communities, towns, cities, nations and alliances will have to win many more battles in order to maintain and to sustain peace and freedom over war and agitation. The decision of the peoples for peace will define a bright progressive tomorrow.

[I had planned to return to writing today, however, I'll take another two weeks off to be with my family before school restarts for my younger sons in the Fall. Therefore, I'll return to writing a regular Blog on Monday, August 15, 2016. Thanks for caring about humanity and for reading. I bid all of you peace, safety and prosperity.]

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