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A Word to the People

It's been a couple of days, by choice, that I have not written for fear that my words might be deemed as inciting to the people, who are stressed and pressured by and under the systems of their governments. Moreover, a mounting disgust over the attitudes of some leaders and their cohorts, both near and afar, is forcing me to rethink my allegiance to serve and to love humanity.

Although I respect and understand the lawful due process, specifically, as instituted in the United States (US), toward the removal of a world-disrupting chief executive, I especially find it very troubling to the integrity of our beloved Republic that selected parts of the present administration have the audacity to actually instruct individuals not to cooperate with a bona fide investigation by Congress into alleged Constitutional misgivings committed by President Donald Trump. 

It is shameful observing the mannerism of Trump and other republicans to the seriousness of the allegations and to the process of impeachment hearings. I'm left forced into wonderment as to whether or not this America - the America that has traditionally acted as the epitome of liberty, democracy, opportunity and rule of law, could be descending into a state of disregard to Constitutional proceedings and plain decency. I'm troubled. I'm very concerned.

Therefore, my word to the people: do what you must to secure your futures - do what you must to protect your peace, your security and your happiness - do what you must to ensure the rule of law and and your liberty.  

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