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A Timeout for Reflection in the Quest for Affirmations

My dearly beloved fellow humans, I hereby inform that as of today, June 06, 2018, I will take a timeout from writing this daily Blog. I hope to return in mid-August. However, should there be any major world event in the interim, I'll return from wherever I might be.

My much needed break amid a rapidly changing international socio-political and economic environment, hopefully, should accord me the opportunity to reflect on my love and service to humanity as well as to find the much needed affirmation of ideals I seek.

When I started this exhaustive and costly project in 2013 during the second-term of United States (US) President Barack Obama, I was eager, hopeful and very optimistic of spreading democracy, denouncing tyranny, protecting and supporting the rights of humankind, promoting equality, encouraging international peace and cooperation and protecting the environment. 

Five-years later, I stand deeply troubled of many reversals of progress accomplished by the human species and I am especially concerned of a "bad moon" rising over the global horizon. 

The human species has weathered many challenges during our history in order to reach this 2018. The overwhelming theme that has bonded men and women in the East and in the West toward the continuity of life on Planet Earth over the years, has been the development of community - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Inequality, division, isolation and arrogance are enemies of all communities. Functioning communities hold the key to humankind's existence.

Some French communes, Chinese villages, German towns, African villages and English hamlets are among various places, I believe, where there are yet still some ideal models of functioning communities - places void of divisiveness, strife and selfishness. In one of these places, I hope to find the affirmation I seek. So I will look, I will rest and I shall soon return to my service to humanity.

Be well, be safe and love thy neighbor. Happy Summer!

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