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A Time to Reaffirm the Rights of the People

This January 16, 2017 -  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday here in the United States(US), is a fitting time for the Republic to reaffirm the civil and human rights of all the people. 

Moreover, on this day to celebrate the birth of the late great civil rights leader, the people should notify government of their intents not to accept any roll-backs of rights or opportunities in the coming months and years. The rights of the people should never be abridged but should be broaden to encompass the welcoming of refugees and new immigrants.

The expanded rights and opportunities of the people ensure an effective, stable and secure Republic. So here's to those who died, suffered and worked to ensure the rights of all men and women. Thanks to your efforts and sacrifices, we the people can reaffirm our rights on this very special day in honor of Dr. King.

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