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A Time of Healing and Unity in the United States - the Post Trump Tenure, by Peter Boyce

Democrat Joe Biden is now the satisfying 46th President of the United States (US). Democrat Kamala Harris is admirably the new 49th Vice-President.

Upon their inauguration yesterday, here in Washington, DC, the US happily entered a new era toward national unity and healing as well as a re-promotion back to global leadership following four years of decline under Donald Trump's tumultuous tenure. He was fired by the American people on November 3, 2020.

America's new theme of unity and healing supported by new rational leadership was on full display during inaugural events yesterday. From the steps of the US Capitol - the site two-weeks-ago of a violent insurrection by Trump incited domestic terrorists and rioters, to the hallowed Arlington National Cemetery, to the historic Lincoln Memorial and to the ionic White House, President Biden's theme of unity and healing was recurring and visually confirmed by the presence of Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, two Democrats and a Republican, as well as the participation in the rites by outgoing Vice-President Mike Pence, a Republican and another Indiana former Vice-President Dan Quayle, another Republican. 

President Biden's intent on American unity was well documented by the bi-partisan involvement in yesterday's events. Although it was only the first day of the new presidency - less than a day to be more specific, the US Republic appeared more tranquil than at anytime in the last four-years, thus setting up good prospects for national unity and healing even amid the still pestering and deadly COVID-19 pandemic. 

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