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A Test of the Informedness and Soundness of Voters - the Alabama US Senate Vote

The Brexit vote in the United Kingdom(UK) followed by the United States(US) Presidential vote in 2016, which returned shocking results, remain two events that have called into question the informedness of voters and the future face of democracy.

That some UK residents who greatly benefited from their membership within the European Union(EU) voted with the majority to leave the union, was indeed shocking. Even, more stark was the after-decision revelation that many were not informed of the consequences of their votes. 

In the 2016 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump poked fun of the physically impaired and has been accused of sexual misconduct by 16 women, among other things. Yet, he remains President of the most powerful nation on the planet, an appalling statement of the state of present American democracy.

Today, in the deep south of the US - a region still holding many scars of historic divisions and social inequalities, a Republican, Roy Moore, accused by six women of sexual misconduct, is running to win a seat in the powerful US Senate. Moore remains tipped to win the race in spite of the overwhelming revelations of his sexual misconduct toward women, including at least one allegation of pedophilia.

Moore has brushed aside calls from both Republicans and Democrats that he drop out of the race. Democrat Doug Jones is running against him in a district that is heavily Republican, which helped Donald Trump win Alabama by 20 percent in 2016. Trump has endorsed Moore and has campaigned via robo-calls for the alleged pedophile Moore.

Alabama's decision today will answer whether or not the informedness of voters is sound. The people of Alabama will decide if or not American democracy is healthy.

Any seating of Roy Moore in the US Senate here in Washington, DC, would affirm an illness of the democratic process that demands healing forthwith.

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