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A Test of China's Maturity as a Global Influencer - the Trump-Jong-un Summit

China's global reach in recent years has extended from its Mainland to transcend the borders of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Chinese partnerships with nations within this sphere, have provided vital investment and infrastructural goods to a wide kaleidoscope of people forgotten and neglected by their former colonial masters.

From roads, railways, seaports and businesses in Africa, to agricultural and other investments in Asia and Latin America, China has been welcomed and accepted by a lengthening list of nations eager to accept Chinese investment infusions into their faltering economies.

With regards to North Korea, China has accounted for some 80% of all trade with its internationally-scorned neighbor. Thus, it is reasonable to opine that without Chinese trade, the economy of North Korea could have collapsed years ago. China is connected to North Korea  - they share an 800-mile (1,420 km) border, separated by the Yalu and Tumen Rivers and the Paektu Mountain.

Against the afore background and the fact that China is the largest foreign owner of United States (US) debt, there has yet been no publicly mentioned inclusion of China as a party to any supposed summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un, slated for Singapore, June 12.

Therefore, any summit between Trump and Jong-un stands to test the maturity of China as a global influencer. Exclusion of China from security talks on any serious matters of nuclear or ballistic concerns within China's backyard, would amount to a western grading of "infancy" to China's global power and influence.

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