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A Successful Defense of Ukraine is Comfort to Eastern Europe

The successful defense of Ukraine's desired aspirations for democracy, freedom and the rule of law will provide a measure of comfort to anxious Eastern Europe. Further delays and impediments to Ukraine's determined path and the effects thereof, would transcend Ukrainian borders to create insecurity and to bolster apprehensions already felt from Moldova to Lithuania and Georgia and beyond.

To this end, it is paramount that NATO does everything to which it is entreaty and perhaps more to support and to speed the full defense of Ukraine. While NATO has monitored and has made preparations for a possible worse case scenario in Eastern Europe, its efforts appear short of adequate per Russian actions given the organizations strict readings and interpretations of international law and its prior treaties with the Russian Federation. Yet, Russia has skirted international law, annexed Crimea, meddled in Ukraine and is again sitting in waiting to further destabilize Ukraine along with Eastern Europe. 

Eastern European nations have done much not to appear too worried by Russian movements, but the truth is that they are alarmed. Earlier this week, Moldova asked Russia to remove its troops from the Trans-Dniester region of Moldova. In typical Putinian fashion, Russia responded by accusing Moldova of trying to destabilize the region. In June, Moldova signed an association agreement, just like Ukraine, with the European Union(EU). Russia's pattern of destabilization is becoming cleared and cleared each day. Putin is on the prowl. The actual effects of Putin's retaliatory ban on agricultural products from the west in response to sanctions will have to be hidden somewhere in Russia. But Putin will attempt to hide all effects as much as possible, so he will seek to divert the attention of his people elsewhere - to Ukraine, to Moldova, to Lithuania or to Georgia. 

However, NATO must not wait until poultry lines have replaced what former bread lines resembled in Moscow, NATO must do all that is necessary to secure Ukrainian aspirations and to provide comfort to the rest of Eastern Europe.

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