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A Strike, a March and a Notice for Climate Action - Decisions Sought

The children of the world gathered in masses to #SchoolStrike last Friday in many places around the four-corners of the globe to demand action on Climate Change from decision makers.

They marched to serve notice that they fear for their futures under the current trajectory of Climate Change. And, again today, Swedish school girl Greta Thunberg and other youth climate activists, scolded business and political leaders for their blatant in action on Climate Change at the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, in New York City, New York.

Now the action to protecting the futures of the children of the Earth, rests squarely with decision makers, who have been duly notified of the urgency facing humanity because of Climate Change and its ramifications of ecological death to systems and species.

Decisions sought to fighting Climate Change could be answered by many nations including those of the European Union (EU), Asia, Africa and elsewhere, yet prolonged skepticism by some self-serving politicians in the United States (US) and in the Americas - Brazil, in particular, stand in the way of any universal fight against Climate Change. 

As the Amazon Rain Forest continues to burn in South America, Brazil's president has placed his ego ahead of an international effort to protecting the 'lung of the Earth'. In the US, rollbacks by the Trump administration of President Barack Obama's era protections of the environment, threaten to endanger the Climate in the American Republic.

Peaceful demonstrations by children have highlighted the dire need for Climate action. And any prolonged failure by decision makers to act upon the fears of the heirs of Planet Earth could doom the world to a point of no recall

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