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A Stark Non-Evident Accusation to Distract Attention away from Reality

The reality is that Donald Trump's new White House has a Russia connection problem and rather than to cast the Russian blight out the window, Trump has sunk to a new low and he has accused the rational 44th President Barack Obama of wiretapping him. 

Trump's non-evident accusation on its face is that of a direct and willful attempt to distract attention away from a Russian connection to the new administration. Disgraced Trump's national security adviser, Mike Flynn, resigned amid revelations of meetings with Russian officials. Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is still under pressure  with calls for his resignation for lying and for failing to reveal to Congress that he had met with Russian officials, on at least two occasions and for claiming he had no knowledge of anyone connected to the Trump campaign meeting with Russians.

Also, many question are yet to be answered as to a deeper Russian involvement and influencing into the United States(US) 2016 Presidential Election and whether or not the Russian actions were done to assist the Trump campaign. Trump won the election and the White House even though Hillary Clinton received more than 2.8 million votes above his tally.

Trump's unfounded accusation that President Barack Obama tapped his phones has already been explicitly rejected by the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) head, James Comey, who according to the New York Times and NBC-News, has also asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump's false claims.

Yet, the embarrassing and shameful accusations cannot be allowed to detract or subtract from the serious questions involving Russia's connection to the Trump administration and as to the true sovereignty of the American Republic.

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