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A Splinter within the Islamic State?

Is the core of the extremist group the Islamic State(IS) falling apart, splintered and broken? 

Though these possibilities would have to be examined further via all intelligence services and means, last Tuesday's terror on Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey, has signaled somewhat of a change from the normal modus operandi of the IS with regards to Turkey.

That the identity of the three shooter-suicide bombers were non-Middle Eastern and especially non-Syrian and being Russian, Uzbekistani and Kyrgyzstani, suggests that the attack that killed 44 innocents and injured over 200 at the busy European airport in Turkey, was perhaps not sanctioned by the core leadership of the IS. Moreover, that the IS has yet to claim responsibility for the violent attack upon humanity, serves as even more reason to infer that a new splinter group of, or from within, the IS has emerged.

In addition, the fact that no Syrians were involved in the direct terror, underscores the long standing respect many Syrians hold of Turkey, which continues to host and to protect the largest number of Syrian refugees outside of Syria. Or I could be wrong and no Syrians were explicitly not used in the attack for the aforesaid mentioned reason. 

Whatever, with no claim of responsibility from the IS, which readily claims responsibilities for events by distant loners in Europe and in the United States(US), speculation remains that there could be a splinter of some kind within the declining IS that is worthy of consideration and investigation.

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