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A Spirited Reckoning on Social Justice Confronts America

The shameful repeated failure of the United States (US) to faithfully extend equal social justice to all of its people carries a risk of weathering non amenable rifts into the presumed impermeable unity of the Republic. And in light of recent events revealing the wide disparity in race equality and the stunning push back by the many people to the disparaging racist practices, clearly a spirited reckoning on social justice sits at the core of America's immediate agenda.

Recent tragedies involving deaths or injuries of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement in the US have been met with star-studded push backs against social injustice. Unlike occasions in previous years, when most Black superstars remained muted in the wake of reports of racial injustices, today's stars, celebrities, politicians, activists and common folks are joining forces to demand America lives up to its creed of racial equality and social justice. 

Basketball, baseball and other sports and their players  are finally finding a common and united voice to condemn the practice of racism and social injustice. Their long-yearned support for fairness and equality have underscored the present reckoning on social justice in America.

Therefore, with a heightened demand and urgency for racial equality and social justice across the US, the Republic can no longer offer up any lame excuses for the prevalence of inequality across the land. And President Donald Trump must not be allowed to convolute the reality of racism and social injustice with any campaign platform of police power and law and order. Attempts to distort the reality of affairs could deepen an already troubling chasm of division in America. 

However, many American people have duly noted the circulation of social inequalities and most have opted to stand in resolve for equal protections onward to the continuity of national unity and peace.

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