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A Speck of Hope In Venezuela?

Could it be that within the past 24-hours, just enough pressure has been applied to Venezuela's Presidente Nicolas Maduro to force him into talks about improving the lives of Venezuelans? Yesterday, I submitted that pressure should be applied upon Maduro to prevent Venezuela from destabilizing Latin America and the Caribbean. Later in the day, as reported by the Associated Press(AP), "the U.S. State Department issued its strongest comment yet on the troubles in Venezuela, saying it would consider imposing sanctions if Maduro didn't reconcile with his opponents."  Then came the news out of Caracas that Maduro "has agreed to enter talks with Venezuela's opposition with the help of an outside facilitator." A group of South American foreign ministers, visiting Venezuela, made the announcement yesterday evening after they had held two days of talks with Maduro's government, student protesters and human rights groups, in an attempt to broker a dialogue to ending weeks of social protests in Venezuela. So there is a speck of hope that Maduro could negotiate in good faith with the opposition and vice versa toward the betterment of Venezuelan lives and for the general stability of the region.

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