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A Snippet of World Affairs

As the end of the month of May nears, much has developed and continue to develop throughout our world. Here's a snippet of current affairs as the month of June approaches:

The European Union(EU) - has held elections for the European Parliament, and right wing and Euro-skeptic parties, have made gains, yet, not a majority into the Brussels, Belgium, European government. These anti-EU parties made noticeable gains in the United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Greece. In Poland, Italy and Germany, pro-European parties did well. All in all, anti-EU winners have reminded Europe that all is not well among its states, and the rise of right wing parties serves due notice to Brussels that immigration issues, nagging unemployment and stagnant economies, are real rallying cries. I submit that the EU will remain strong and once these winners from anti-EU parties have taken their seats in Brussels, their stances will change to full support of the EU once they recognize, the importance of the EU to Europe in age of Russian menacing. Moreover, it inevitable that their stances change once they identify Europe's vulnerability without the EU and without a strong NATO.

Ukraine - Billionaire Petro Poroshenko has won the Ukraine presidential election. His victory confirms my earlier analysis that Putin was retreating from Ukraine for he either feared or respected a rising oligarch. Apparently, Poroshenko has a close relationship with Putin along with a number of other Russian money men. However, the fact that Poroshenko has refused to negotiate with rebel held east Ukraine, and that he has sanctioned Ukraine military stabilization of the region, and that he has in the brief time of winning office, taken the fight to the rebels, and that he has retaken the airport at Donetsk, confirms also that the rebels in the east have prove too much for Putin, who has forsaken them. Putin's deaf plea that the east postponed the break away vote they held a week ago, infers Putin has lost all control over his renegades. Thus, Putin has left the east in a precarious position to render it back to Ukraine as a token of friendship to his oligarch associate so that he may walk away looking good to those who revere him.

India - Hindu Nationalist, Narendra Modi, fresh from a resounding victory at the polls in India, met in private talks with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier this morning. And here's to hoping the two brothers of different religions and countries, will strike a peaceful working relation.

Nigeria - The Nigerian army has announced its knows the location of some 300 kidnapped school girls but it fears mounting a rescue attempt could harm the girls held by Boko Haram.

Thailand - The Army is still at the helm of the country and its has arrested the former prime minister and a former education minister who came out of hiding to denounce the military take over. The press and civil rights organizations have all been stifled by the army which has not indicated when civilian rule would return.

Turkey - Questions as to the concerns of workers' safety still continue to follow the government after the recent coal mine disaster at Soma, Turkey, killed 301 miners. Protests because of that incident and coupled with other concerns of general life and government action and inaction,  are ongoing in Istanbul.

Jamaica - The firing of an AIDS doctor has opened the debate concerning gay rights on the island. Jamaica faces the retention of centuries-old  anti-gay legislation or reforms to meet evolving international norms in dynamic times. 

Egypt - Today marks the second day of presidential elections in Egypt of which former army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is expect to win. His victory at the polls will not spell stability for Egypt because the out-lawing of the Muslim Brotherhood is not an action that will quickly fade without effects.

Syria - Bashar al Assad seems assured of a victory in Syrian elections next week. However, his mere existence as a candidate for re-election against a background of compelling United Nations evidence that he sanctioned crimes against humanity including the gassing of hundreds of Syrian children, is preposterous.

China/Vietnam - China has shifted the location of its deep sea oil drilling rig off the Vietnamese coast. But tensions between the two communists countries continue as China earlier today sank a Vietnamese fishing boat less than 19 miles away from the oil rig.

Malaysia - Malaysia Airline flight MH370 is still missing. The complete disappearance of a passenger jet in an era of advanced technology and systems remains a mystery.

So, here we are - these are some of the issues at hand.

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