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A Shuffling World - 65.3 Million People Displaced

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) has described as, "unprecedented", the world's 65.3 million displaced people - the most since World War II.  

This alarming high number of people counted at the end of 2015, represents a five-million increase over the numbers of the previous year. The figure is indicative of the effect of conflicts, economic and social conditions in regions across the world including Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, North Africa and elsewhere.

The humanitarian crisis created by the stark number of displaced people has forced the first ever United Nations(UN) summit on Refugees and Migrants to take place in New York City, New York, today. Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants is the topic of discussion as the world seeks to provide a more coordinated and humane response to the crisis, the Associated Press(AP) cited in a report earlier this morning.

Of the 65.3 million displaced people, 21.3 million are refugees, 3.2 million are asylum-seekers and 40.8 million are migrants. The 193-member states of the UN will attempt to forge pledges from each other to sharing the obligation of the displaced. United States(US) President Barack Obama will hold discussions with other world leaders and the top executives of some 50 companies in order to engage more help for the world's displaced.

Yet, 65.3 million displaced people worldwide denotes a shuffling world's population, which movement cannot not be sustained at current levels without considerable and dire strains upon all world resources. 

However, ending conflicts and improving the socio-economic conditions of millions of people could combat the displacement of the world's people.

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