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A Shift from Centrist Rule is now Warranted

The Centrist ideology is sound political governance for freshmen leaders seeking to sustain a cohesive domestic atmosphere while applying common sense solutions to national affairs with a view to long term benefits. The Centrist garners time to demonstrate his/her duty as leader of all the people. Centrism particularly works well to hone economic conditions on the national level. Thus, it is true that most democratic leaders, naturally, in spite of their elected platforms, do move to the center upon assuming office.

But inherent weaknesses of Centrist rule include - the non identification of the time when to swift to Progressiveness in order to achieve advances needed to enhance the society; and the ramifications resulting from extending Centrist ideology too deeply into  foreign policy. 

Domestically, a Centrist ideology affirms a leader's impartiality, and he has demonstrated this by willingly sitting over cold beer with a learned black professor and a white policeman to chill concerns after a racial profiling arrest, even though the incident underscored a systematic problem involving minorities and police departments across the nation. Years later, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, etal are dead. The economy has rebounded. 

Internationally, a war-weary nation endorsing a Centrist role, has seen Syrian children gassed to death; China menacing US aircraft in the skies while asserting its rising air and sea power might over its smaller neighbors; Russia frustrating Ukraine and scaring eastern and central European allies; conflicts in Gaza, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Central African Republic; and the rise of extremism in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and Syria.

Centrism has obviously served and achieved its early goals. The time for Progressiveness has dawned. The sun shines brightly with rays of opportunities that must not missed on the path to sustaining international security and stability for this generation, and generations to follow.

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