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A Shame on Humanity - Existing Conflicts and Statelessness

The Saudi Arabia led coalition waging war in Yemen, bombed a school bus this week, killing many innocent children. Reports of the event numbered the dead as 50, including 29 children, while the number injured is said to be 77, in yet another example of humanity's continuing shame for allowing the execution of violent conflicts and the calamity of innocent death for far too many innocent souls.

For three years, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, etal, have waged war against the local Yemeni Houthi group. The Arab coalition has been attempting to reinstate the internationally recognized government of Abu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, whose forces and presidency were ousted by Houthi rebels in 2014. Some 10,000 people have died in the three years of war, to which no end is within sight.

That international and regional organizations have been unable or unwilling to end the war in Yemen, speaks heavily of humanity's impotency to ameliorate human tragedy. Another human depleting conflict continues into the eighth year in Syria, and that war also is showing no signs of ending. Other conflicts continue in Gaza and in Ukraine.

Humanity has also been unsuccessful in delivering a home to the Rohingya people of Myanmar. Displaced families have been persecuted, uprooted and forced into neighboring Bangladesh. 

It is clear that conflicts and statelessness are not diminishing. Sadly, new conflicts and other agitations are on the horizon. Remedies for present and developing shames upon humanity are needed in order to sustain humanity's continuity.

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