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A Self- Inflicted Flounder on Immigration and Travel

Contrary to electioneering rhetoric, undocumented immigrants in the United States(US) are not part of any new crime wave. Similarly, no known groups have entered the US en mass during the past month from any Muslim majority country seeking to do injury to America. 

Of the 11 million undocumented immigrants, very few are criminals, thus the US has floundered over rounding up this class of people and targeting them for deportation, even though many of them have lived in the country for many years and that they have remained loyal and patriotic to the Republic. 

Moreover, given an opportunity to redress and to atone for their undocumented presence, most undocumented immigrants would remain patriotic to the US and its Constitution. That they remain in the country is testament to their love of American values and not of any ill-concerted plot to do harm to the Republic.

Undocumented workers remain a vital part of the US economy - they pay federal as well as state and local taxes, thus providing additional revenue for the national and local treasuries. The services used by these immigrants also provide and maintain many other businesses run by Americans. 

To round up a crucial part of the economy, to destroy it and to leave it void with no replacement, would bring an economic flounder over the US in the short and long runs. Mass deportations are flounders to any economy.

Not since September 11, 2001, has any group entered the US intent on causing harm to Americans. While the Donald Trump administration has singled out some countries to ban from travel to the US, restricting travel has never been a guarantee against terror. None of the nations singled out by the Trump administration for a ban played any part in the September 11 horrors. Thus, there is no precedent to the administration's action. 

However, travel bans restrict a flow of technology experts and international students from US tech firms and institutions of higher learning, hereby casting another flounder over the economy of the Republic by creating distractions from a need for government clarity, infrastructural development and re-employment of rusting towns, cities, states and regions.

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