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A Season of Uncertainty Dawns

In the clear absence of rational national leadership toward inclusiveness, protecting public health and unity, a season of uncertainty dawns among the people in the United States (US).

As the COVID-19 pandemic stays prevalent, deadly and still spreading across numerous American communities, uncertainty mounts as global COVID-19 infections climb above 10-million people and as the death toll approaches 500,000 victims. In the US - the wealthiest nation on the Planet with the most advanced health system and research institutions, the absence of national leadership and management of the pandemic, is witnessing infections soar above 2.5-million amid a gruesome death toll of over 125,000 American lives.

Persistent spiking COVID-19 infections have been recorded in some 26-states in the past week across the US. As a result, State and local governments have been prompted to postpone re-opening segments of their economies and to re-shutter some businesses in dire attempts to contain COVID-19, hence affirming more uncertainty as to tomorrow in America. 

In the past week alone, warm-weather states - California, Florida and Texas, all set records for the number of new COVID-19 infections in one day. Arizona also saw alarming numbers of infections. Last Tuesday, according to CNN, Florida reported 5,511 new COVID-19 cases, its highest ever in one day. Florida set a new record of infections earlier today reporting 8,530 new coronavirus cases. Last Wednesday, Texas reported 5,551 record-breaking cases, while California saw 7,149 cases last Tuesday.

Tri-State - New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, states with steady or declining infections that were hit hard at the onset of COVID-19, have moved to mandate 14-day quarantine periods on visitors from states with increasing infections. Unlike the absence of national leadership on COVID-19, the Governors of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and some other states, have shown rational leadership in managing COVID-19 in their jurisdictions leading to steady or declining COVID-19 infections.

Yet, as science has shown that wearing a facial mask could help in containing the deadly pathogen as exemplified by some state governors, President Donald Trump has continued to buck the science on the wearing of masks, therefore prompting some resistance from Americans to the sound health practice of wearing a mask. 

Uncertainty in America also surrounds Canadian, European and World travel. With travel bans on Americans entering Canada and a US ban on European travel to the US, the European Union (EU) could this week confirm a ban on Americans wanting to travel to the continent because of the high COVID-19 infection rate still being experienced in the US.

Uncertainty has certainly dawned in the US per many aspects of life from work, to education, to entertainment, to sports, and to travel. Greater uncertainty comes amid the still spreading Novel Coronavirus pandemic as well as a lingering and active racial divide.

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