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A Russo Change of Heart to Humanitarian Aid?

United States President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande have both criticized Russia's apparent opposition to a UN resolution to bring life-saving, desperately needed, humanitarian aid to Syria. President Obama, who has been hosting his French counterpart here in Washington, DC, said yesterday that there is "great unanimity among most of the Security Council" for the resolution and he named "Russia is a is not just the Syrians that are responsible" for the plight of civilians but "the Russians, as well, if they are blocking this kind of resolution," the Associated Press reported. President Obama noted that Secretary of State John Kerry and others have "delivered a very direct message" to the Russians to drop their opposition to the resolution. France's Hollande reaffirmed that the French were determined to move forward with the resolution which would impose sanctions upon Syria should the regime restrict aid deliveries to Syrian women, children and men besieged by the bloody war. President Hollande questioned:" How you can object to humanitarian corridors? Why would you prevent the vote of a resolution if, in good faith, it is all about saving human lives?" Both China and Russia have blocked three previous Western-back resolutions that would have forced the Assad regime to end the child-killing war in the Levant. Despite his earlier comments of intent to veto the proposed resolution, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, attended yesterday's Security Council meeting to discuss the text of the resolution; afterward, he described it as "a good exchange of the challenges of the humanitarian situation in Syria." Across the world in Moscow, Ambassador Churkin's boss, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, insisted the text is a "one-sided" effort to blame the Syrian government. But pressure is mounting on both China and Russia to support the humanitarian resolution. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos both support the measure. Will the human rights blockade partnership of China and Russia still stand in the way of simple humanitarian aid? How will this non-rights partnership react to other issues of the human will under natural law? China and Russia appear to have both missed the memo that: this is the Age of Aspirers; this is the Age of Freedom; this is the Age of Respect for Human Dignity. 

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