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A Return to Rational Thought - a Return to Civility

Humanity's beauty, compassion and sense of loving-responsibleness is deteriorating in many places. To recapture humanity's passion, glory, creativity and empathy, there must be a return to rational thought - a return to civility.

War is not a pleasing civil event; neither is the deliberate break up of families through inhumane deportations of loyal immigrants; neither is the blatant disregard of environmental protections; neither is the unwarranted refusal to host refugees; neither is the selfish push back against common sense gun control laws.

Therefore, in order to sustain a peaceful and cohesive global atmosphere, the voices of rational thought and civility must drown out the divisive and polarizing rhetoric of the collaborators against human decency and responsibility. 

Henceforth, let the rational voices rise to the fore from hamlet, to town, to city, to nation, to continent and to the entire Planet. Let's recapture humanity's worth and responsibility. Let's end the wars in Syria and Yemen. Let's see that the Rohingya people have a home. Let's desist from deporting law-abiding immigrants. Let's grant refuge to the displaced. Let's listen to the voices of children and end gun violence. Let's live as members of the same and only race - the human race. [Written for your consideration on a Monday.]

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