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A Return to Humanity's Development - Rejecting Strife and Conflict

Up until two-years-ago and despite a hot conflict in Syria, a developing one in Yemen, an Ebola outbreak in Africa, continuing troubles in Afghanistan, unsurety in Iraq, a divided Libya and an immigration crisis in Europe, humanity appeared hopeful and optimistic. Progress was teeming toward wider world innovation and greater human development as international diplomats sought resolutions to the existing hiccups.

Up until two-years-ago also, Russia, still behaving mischievously after it had annexed Crimea earlier, and besieged under international sanctions, even appeared rational in its efforts to rejoining the fold of adherence to international law and norms. 

But something happened within the past two years that has placed humanity's development at risk while adding to the likelihood of strife and conflict. What happened? Was it the Donald Trump effect? Was it the aftermath of Brexit? Was it the European refugee crisis? Was it the rise of right wing political parties and populism?

The best answer would probably be made up of a combination of the aforesaid events, with perhaps, one aspect weighing and contributing more to today's current affairs than all the others.

Whatever might be the more accepted answer, one thing remains abundantly clear: humanity cannot retain peace under the current pressures, agitations, disdain and nationalistic rhetoric. 

There must be a return to the work of developing all nationalities. International political, economic and social cooperation must be promoted in order to sustain the peace of the future.

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