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A Return to Human Dignity - Ending Conflicts

It is preposterous that armed conflicts are still being executed in the year, 2018. Conflicts rob humanity of life and dignity and to this end, all conflicts should end.

"War is hell and hell is war", is a fitting adage. Yet, instead of ending and eradicating conflict and allotting its vital resources to ending hunger and curing diseases, humanity in 2018 is still confronted by the blight of Syrian atrocities, armed meddling in Ukraine and the gross humanity failing in Yemen.

Armed conflict is an ancient barbaric act that lacks any necessary and complied humanitarian controls to protecting innocents. 

Yet, ideological partners continue to wage war in nations of poor people resulting in millions of innocent deaths and injuries to civilians, including too many children, while also creating millions of refugees, who flee to other nations, where they aggravate already thin and fragile socio-economic and political systems, thus giving a boost to far right agitators from Europe to the Americas.

So, conflicts should end. They should end because they are morally wrong. They should end as a measure to easing migration problems especially in Europe and in the United States (US). And they should end because the executors of such rancid violence are incapable of guaranteeing the safety of innocents.

Therefore, today's earlier reported finding by United Nations (UN) experts, who found that parties to the conflict in Yemen have perpetrated "and continue to perpetrate, possible war crimes under international law", though humanly sickening, should not come as any surprise since that conflict in Yemen has been hot for the past three-years.

All of humanity's alarm bells should be blaring on a conclusion from that UN finding that there is: "little evidence of any attempt by the parties to the conflict to minimize civilian casualties." In addition and demanding immediate condemnation is the further finding that: "individuals in the Government of Yemen, in the coalition, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and the de facto authorities, have committed acts that may amount to international crimes."

While the UN finding calls upon the parties to the conflict in Yemen "to prioritize human dignity", a wider call and a  more concerted global effort are all now fitting in order to return all of humanity's dignity via ending all conflicts.

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