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A Resolve on this Independence Day Eve

On this eve of the United States(US) 238th Independence, a resolve must be that this land remains strong, engaged, secure and as a beacon for democracy, for freedom, for equality and for respect of human rights. This great land of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan and Obama must never waiver in its leadership of the free world. America must, as it has always been, remain as that ray of hope to the modern world as it has been to generations of Irish, German, Italian, African and Jewish immigrants.

As it has for centuries now, America's acceptance of immigrants remains a humanitarian issue and not a political platform of fodder to conservative commentators. As we approach Independence Day tomorrow, our analyses should focus on the social-economic-political atmospheres evolving south of the border giving rising to a surge in minors entering the US. America is America; and that's why minors and their caregivers would risk breaking the law to get children to safety and to freedom. There's no attempt to illegally send children to China nor to Russia because southern generations have long respected that beacon of opportunity, of hope, of democracy of fairness and of genuine humanitarian moral Christian concern that is the United States of America. This is a resounding testament of America's greatness.

So while adult caregivers of these some 52,000 minors might have broken the law in sending their charges across the border, America has the humanitarian responsibility to review each and every case of these freedom seekers. These minors have not yet been harden or radicalized by the harshness of their respective lands, thus in America they could be made to assimilate easily with Christian understanding and care.

If the number of 52,000 minors appear large, consider that the European Union(EU) had 435,000 registered asylum seekers last year; tiny Lebanon has 1,100,486 registered refugees from the Syrian war; Jordan has 597,328; Turkey has 773,936, Iraq has 225,499; Egypt has 137,734; Italy had over 340,000 cross the border from Africa. Moreover, the United Nations(UN) has reported that some 50 million people were displaced from their homes because of some event in the last year, thus, I submit that on this Independence Day, the US acting as humanitarian host to 52,000 children from Latin America,  is but a token responsibility, and an honor for America to carryout on behalf of humanity.

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