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A Renewal of Hope in Syria is Still Fraught with Uncertainty and the Threat of Violence

The announcement from United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry of a provisional agreement in principle on the terms of a cessation of hostilities in Syria that could begin in a couple of days, was not received with as much enthusiasm as it would have been accepted a year ago. 

For in as much as millions of people desire and pray for a peace in Syria, the reality of conditions and the scope of the civil war seem to hold out little prospect for peace, especially since Russia joined the conflict last year on the behalf of the Bashar al Assad regime.

So as the US Secretary of State moved to trump up international enthusiasm for peace in Syria, the reality of the Syrian condition remains fraught with uncertainty and violence as the regime and its Russian ally continue to launch attacks against opposition groups in around Aleppo amid Islamic State(IS) actions to block access and to prevent the advance of the Assad forces in northern Syria.

The pace and the rate of hostilities in Syria cannot be sustained by warring parties for very much longer. Therefore, John Kerry's proclamation of an agreement to stop hostilities in Syria still has a good chance of securing better conditions and a hopeful peace to Syria in the foreseeable future.

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