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A Rebalance on the Korean Peninsula

As a commitment to the South Korean people and in light of recent absurdities surfacing out of North Korea, the Obama Administration will send more troops and tanks to South Korea. More troops, Abrams battle tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles from the 1st US Calvary Division will soon be deployed close to the DMZ between the two Koreas. Reaffirming the US-South Korean relationship, Secretary of State John Kerry said the two countries "stand very firmly united, without an inch of daylight between us, not a sliver of daylight, on the subject of opposition to North Korea's destabilizing nuclear and ballistic missile programs and proliferation activities," Al Jazeera reported. Moreover, Army Colonel Steve Warren noted that: "This addition is part of the rebalance to the Pacific. It's been long planned and is part of our enduring commitment to security on the Korean peninsula." He added the addition troops and arms..."gives the commanders in South Korea an additional capacity: two companies of tanks, two companies of Bradleys."

Now maybe South Korea can rest a little easier in the wake of recent threats from the regime in North Korea, the killing of the ruler's uncle; and of course Dennis Rodman wanting to play basketball there for the ruler's birthday despite knowing the nature of the North Korean government.

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