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A Reasoning of Events of Protest Worldwide

From the Arab Spring of a couple of years-ago now reduced to a Thaw, to the protests of young Ukrainians on the Maidan, to demonstrated efforts for democracy in Hong Kong, to environmental protests in France, to a take over of the Taiwan legislature, to protests against land grabs in China, to demonstrations on the anniversary of the death of a boy at the hands of police in Greece, to demonstrations in multiple United States(US) cities to demand respect of minority rights, to demonstrations for independence in Catalonia, to a strike by members of the armed forces in Bolivia, to demonstrations by health care workers in Russia for just compensation, to calls for government accountability in Mexico over the death of 43 students; people are refusing to accept policies of yore that placed too little emphasis on the well-being of average individuals. 

The people that governments are suppose to represent, to protect and to serve are sending clear explicit messages to their representatives that they - the people, do matter and that they will not accept the shortcomings of yore.

So as demonstrations continue across the globe, it helps to be mindful that many of the events carry legitimate reasons of notification that then was then and now is now - a new dawn, a time of respect for all in spite of race, color, creed, age, sex, nationality and religion.

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