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A Re-Set of Civility and Multilateralism

There is no doubt that the rancor of division, nationalism and unilateralism is eroding once common decency of humanity and international cooperation. Similarly, the division of class and race is pushing human agitation to inevitable conflict.  

Division, isolation and nationalistic rhetoric are aspects to inevitable conflict. At the present trajectory of humankind, from the spark of the far right in Europe, to the divisionist temper of Donald Trump in the United States (US), to the debacle over Brexit in the United Kingdom (UK), to the insistence of yellow vest protesters in France, to the resurgence of terror in Kenya, Mali, Syria, Colombia and Burkina Faso, to ongoing violence in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, to political agitations in Ukraine, Kosovo and Venezuela, decline and conflict appear on the horizon.

Therefore, to avert conflict and to shore up the erosion of civility, there must be a reset of civility - a return to human decency, empathy and multilateralism. Global tasks and accomplishments are best advanced in cooperation with multiple actors working for the good of all the people. 

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