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A Rational Ruling in France - the Reversal of the Burkini Ban

Of all the places and the people in the world, that some French resort municipalities would dare ban the burkini from beaches, came as a surprising restraint on the rights of women by those who historically have cherished individual liberties and freedom of expressions. 

However, in a face-saving ruling that resurrects the expected freedom of the French, the country's top administrative court - the Council of State, has reverse the burkini ban on the beaches of the Riviera town of Villeneuve-Loubet. Moreover, the court's ruling should also transcend to some 30 other French resort municipalities, who with the blessings of prime Minister Manual Valls, have sought to limit the self-decision of many women, most of them Muslim, who elect the burkini, as their form of beach wear.

Yet, discussions concerning the burkini and other forms of social and religious expression, appear far from over in France and elsewhere. Whatever any final rulings or decrees maybe, the rights of individuals to decide their own self-expressions that do not impede the effective safeguard of public safety, must be respected and permitted unabridged.

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