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A Rational Decision in Washington

United States(US) President Barrack Obama yesterday committed 300 US advisers to assist in stability efforts in Iraq. President Obama did not take sides in the sectarian crisis between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims but he did call for both sides along with Kurds to work together to solve Iraq's turmoil. The President did not rule out further US military actions to assist in stabilizing Iraq should conditions there adversely effect US national security.

Before I state the following, I will admit once again that I am perhaps the biggest fan of President Barrack Obama. Of few men I idolize for I have too often witnessed the ugly identity and the capable evils of many men; but President Obama serves as a hero to my sons and I - that is unwavering.

Giving due praise where it is needed: I opine that the executive decision by the Commander-in-Chief was rational, level headed, patient, cautious and peaceful. He has rendered unto the Iraqi people their rightful and sovereign responsibility to decide their own inclusive path. President Obama's decision to send the numbers of advisers he has to Iraq is fitting given the request from a nation for help. President Obama has not flexed his capable huge muscles and rolled out the tanks and bombers. His actions demonstrate that the teachings elementary school students having been receiving in Chinese schools, that suggest America is a nation of war is incorrect. President Obama's decisions continue to underscore the needed patience, restraint and wisdom of  anyone fitting to hold the title of Commander-in-Chief.

However, rogues across the world would be wise not to attempt to infer that this President with a passion for peace would hesitate for a second to militarily engage any fanaticism.  Moreover, US allies need not worry that this president will support them in times of need. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Philippines, Japan and all other allies can find comfort and security that President Obama will honor US commitments to their security. And though this President has shown great restraint, I assure detractors that should he ever determine the need to act militarily, it will be decisive, deliberate, overwhelming and victorious.

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