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A Prelude to Hardship and Renewed Strife - Withdrawing Aid

For reasons that appear logical to the Donald Trump administration in Washington, DC, it has canceled aid to Palestinian refugees and stopped $300 million aid to Pakistan. But for reasons beyond the grasp of the Trump administration, denying aid to two strategic components to world stability could become a prelude to hardships among the Palestinians and renewed strife from within Pakistan that may transcend its border to touch the international community.

The idea that aid could be used to demand full support of the donee to the donor is passe. Though aid has mitigated and softened would could have been events of greater instability in recent times, the complete removal and cancellation of aid to Palestinian refugees and to Pakistan, is a prelude to hardship and renewed strife.

Whether or not Pakistan has done enough to stamp out military or terror groups operating within its borders, or if reform of refuge aid to Palestine is warrant, then cutting aid to both entities will not translate into any greater stability. 

Cutting aid removes an instrument of continued incentive toward peace, better welfare and international cooperation. And removing assistance, however, will unfortunately stoke the possibility of wider hardship and strife in an already and long troubled Middle East. 

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