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A Prayer for the Children of Conflicts - the Displaced, the Stateless

Dear Father, Almighty God, Ruler of the Universe, 

I bow before you in full respect of your strength and your might - in acknowledgement, that You are the Supreme of whatever was, whatever is and whatever will be. Before your control, I beg that you grant relief to the children of conflicts across the Globe. 

Most Holy God, I've looked into the faces and the eyes of many children-victims of conflicts through the lenses of Associated Press(AP) and Reuters photographers working in the Levant and Africa, and Dearest God, the faces of the children scream for relief with sunken dull eyes startled as an impact of the violence of war, and with ashen-dotted cheeks indicative of malnutrition. 

God, as I now bow before you in this place that I am, I submit to your Supremacy of the Universe, henceforth, I pray that your will be done, and that you shower mercy upon all children and that you comfort them, especially those victimized by conflicts in Syria, in South Sudan and in Central African Republic and those infected, scorned and orphaned by Ebola Virus in western Africa.

Almighty God, of these things I humbly beg of your consideration. Amen!

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