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A Pray for All to Have the Reasons and the Means to Say Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all those without the reasons and the means for which to give thanks, I pray that your owed time, your life, your event and your moment come to reality soon.

To the children of Syria, my thoughts are especially with you on this day. I will not rest well nor can I fully enjoy the activities at hand until you win your peace - until you have re-won your childhoods, your lands and your homes.

To Hong Kong and Ukraine; freedom never comes easy, but with perseverance and strong determination, the way to achieve a will soon becomes reality. 

To Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, I pray for prosperity. May the kindness of the Almighty shine upon all of you and grant you peace, now and forevermore. Amen!

[This Blog has been repeated on Asia Today]

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