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A Pompous Leader Threatens Vital Aid to Fight Dangerous Amazon Fires

News reports that Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro would reject vital international aid to assist in the fight against the record numbers of fires burning in the Amazon, is preposterous. Thus, any such action by the Brazilian should color him as a pompous ass, who would risk the health of Planet Earth and the livelihood and safety of the Brazilian people in deference to his fallible irritating and arrogant character.

Reported by news outlets and cited by the BBC-News, Bolsonaro, the right wing leader of Brazil, has said that he would reject the G7 $22 million aid package hatched at the recent G7 meeting, in France and meant to fight the dangerous record number of 1,750 plus fires blazing in the Amazon. According to the BBC-News, Bolsonaro said he would reject the aid unless he gets an apology from French President Emmanuel Macron, who reportedly called the Brazilian a liar over his commitment about fighting Climate Change. 

Macron said Bolsonaro "lied" to him at the June, 2019, G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, by failing to respect his climate commitments and by failing to pursue biodiversity, the BBC-News reported. A British academic has confirmed that Brazil's environmental agency has had funding decline by 95% this year. 

Bolsonaro's actions are certainly egoistic and questionable especially against the background that he joked and appeared to endorse discouraging s remarks made against Macron's wife on social media in Brazil (comments that will never be repeated on this Blog). Macron has since described the Brazilians actions as "extraordinary rude" and "sad". 

That Macron called out Bolsonaro's actions obviously prompted the Brazilian to respond to aid for a mighty cause in the true character of his indignant concern to a catastrophe of great global urgency and implication. "To talk or to accept anything from France, whether it be with the best possible intentions, he (Mr. Macron) will have to withdraw those words and then we can talk," the BBC-News cited Bolsonaro. He referenced Macron's determination that Bolsonaro did lie. Yet, Bolsonaro is on record, according to the BBC-News, as saying his government lacks the resources fight the record number of fires in the Amazon region.

Explicitly, Bolsonaro puts his own gratification and satisfaction over the well being of the planet and his own Brazilian people. Therefore, since the Amazon, considered the "lung" of the Planet is vital to the continuity of the human species, questions raised as to the capabilities of the likes of Bolsonaro to protect the world's environment should then force into consideration the notion of sovereignty v. international health. Clearly, international health outweighs any sovereignty.  

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