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A Note to Want-To-Be Terrorists: Stand Down!

To all those who have struggled, to those who continue to struggle, to all those falsely accused based upon race, creed, social economic standing, religion or national origin and to all those simply seeking recognition as a member of the human race, do not become manipulated nor influenced by those seeking to prolong your agony and concerns nor by those wanting to cause aggravation and pain to your loved ones and families. Jihadism, violence and terrorism are not the answers to society's ills.

Therefore, you must stand down of any suggested or self determined violent acts upon your communities.

Instead you must engage  your homes in dialogue of the issues that are leading your resentment and anger.You must engage your communities in dialogue of the grievances that have given rise to your dissension. You must engage your educational leaders of the practices they have condoned for many years that have failed to make true patriots of you and your generation because of trivial unpunished actions by a few bad teachers. You must engage your political leaders of the necessity to lead by example and by equality under the law and not by selfish personal gain. You must engage your business leaders to give equal and fair attention to each and every job applicant. You must engage the police to be fair in their dealings with all the people. And these duties cannot be accomplished by violence at this time. So, stand down!

This is a time of enormous change. A time when the tenets of democracy, of freedom, of equality and of the rule of law, should ring true. It is a time of civil discourse to chart a new path to community harmony. This inevitable path must not be interrupted by violence suggested by those who live in failed societies.

This is a dynamic time of social engagement and cohesiveness which should never be detracted from. Thus, I urge you want-to-be terrorists, to stand down - give peace and justice a chance to redress grievances. Stand down to terrorism, stand down to attacking the societal foundations that are set to right wrongs. And once you stand down, I assure you that our communities will heal with your voice added. 

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