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A Note to the Syrian War Refugee Children

To all the children effected by the Syrian War: Do not despair, I know for a fact that a number of governmental and non-governmental agencies are hard at work to alleviate your suffering, pain and bewilderment. I cannot even venture to fully understand your plight for you are the sufferers and I am the observer. But you must understand that humanitarian folks are hard at work to bring you relief. You have not been forgotten, you will never be forgotten because you are children, the innocents in a chauvinistic event to which you were not actors but the victims. If you should ask, how long will your uprooting continue and how long will your childhoods be put on hold; I will venture to answer with the tale of the monkey when his tail was cut off; the monkey, despite his horrid pain, responded: "It won't be long now". Continue to be children, do your lessons, play a lot and remember that not all governments are like the one that has forced you and your families into camps. Soon, the barren sands at the camps where you now dwell will give way to a bright fertile future with a hope of true democracy and freedoms to be a child as a child ought to have. Be well!

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