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A Note to Syria's Children III

Of your deaths,  your sufferings, your losses and your childhood denials, I have written. I wrote to shed light, to spur action and to prompt appropriate rectification of your conditions with a view to ameliorating your lives. But as I cautioned in my last note to you, diplomacy, though it remains perhaps the best tool to amending grievances; diplomacy also prolongs pain and suffering as oppressors play for time, believing that time will wear down the forces of change that are inevitably sweeping the land. But despite all your pain and suffering, I once again ask that you keep the hope of freedom and of democracy squarely in mind, and that you be aware your conditions exist today because the basic tenets of these ideals had been suppressed from your society. To ask this great chore of you is to implore an adult cognizance upon your childhood minds, yet I believe it is a task that you are capable of completing. Your hopes, your aspirations and your longings must give rise to beneficial socio-economic and political change within your society. That change should ensure that your horrific experiences are not later suffered by you, your children nor your children's children. That China and Russia, on three occasions blocked resolutions before the United Nations aimed at pressuring Assad to end the bloody war of which you are victims, can only be construed as yet more hurdles along your pitted road to peace. Rest assured in your minds that Western powers, NGOs and many humanitarian stalwarts, continue to push and to compromise on your behalf to attain a lasting peace. May the kindness and impartiality of the Almighty God be with you and bring a quick peace and much prosperity to you and your lands.

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